You're Toast

You're Toast


Little Slice has dreams of becoming a gourmet dish. Alas, he is just a simple bit of bread! He is also shy, yet so desperately wants to be included in the Kitchen Crewe’s big adventures. Will this tiny underdog gain the courage to join in?

Included in the book are recipes from Award Winning Kansas City Chefs. Share Slice’s dreams with your little one by creating these delicious dishes - using toast, of course!

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How to Pack a Pig


"While preparing for a trip, young Vivienne Scarlett and her pig, Hamlet, ponder what to pack. In the best tradition of 'Calvin and Hobbes,' Hamlet's guidance helps our heroine figure out what is REALLY important. A smart, sweet story that will appeal to boys and girls... and the young at heart."   C. Schreiber

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What’s up for 2014?

Last year my major undertakings will include a video series of Life Lessons. Having spent a majority of my life repeating patterns without ever seeing or questioning why, part of my recovery is to share my take on the life lessons I have learned. I didn’t get too far before I was sidetracked. So, I’m going to try it again. But this time, with a lot less pressure on myself to get it done, and a lot more forgiveness when I don’t!

So please, wish me good luck and great fortune!

Oh Look….. Squirrel!


Life Lessons -

Dysfunctional Avoidance & Recovery


“Do you kinda miss Ann Launders? Not on speaking terms with your mom? Tired of learning by the ‘Two by Four’ method? Join radio show host and author Rachel Ellyn as she shares her humorous wisdom, insights, and just good common sense in her 2013 video series Life Lessons, Dysfunctional Avoidance and Recovery.”

Rachel Ellyn

The world is my oyster, and I still have blank pages in my book!

The series starts with Lesson 1 and a humorous discussion of New Year’s resolutions and our good intentions gone bad. The full series can be found here . . .

Lesson 6:

Controlling Change

February 21th, 2013




Member of the SCBWI

Member of the SCBWI