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How To Pack A Pig
How To Pack A Pig

Discover the Fun and Interactive Way of Teaching Your Child the Essential Life Habits! Tag Along With Vivienne and Hamlet and Find Out How to Pack for a Trip.

Meet Vivienne Scarlett and Hamlet, her very best friend and a perfectly pink pig with a pin-curl tail, stuffed to huggable perfection. They are about to head on a trip, and there are so many things to pack, especially for a pig!

But then, a problem emerged - they only have one backpack with limited space, and now they are stuck with a huge dilemma - what do you pack?

Follow Vivienne and Hamlet in their adventure and find out the essential things you need to pack when going on a trip. Enjoy together with them, and find out how to prepare yourself for your next trip.

Here's what this book can offer you:

  • Unique and inspirational story: Discover an incredible story that will inspire your child to dream, explore, and build their confidence in being uniquely themself.
  • Great read for daytime and bedtime: Discover a delightful picture reader for first and second graders and an excellent bedtime story for reading to younger children.
  • Fun and interactive teaching moments: Discover the fun and interactive way for your child to learn important life lessons and acquire essential habits.
  • Backstory for every item: Find out why it is crucial to bring some things on a trip, and which good habits hide behind those items. For example, toothbrush and the importance of teeth brushing.


Children are already fast learners, yet they will learn something even faster if the topic is presented to them in a fun and interactive way. With this book, introduce teachable moments in your child's life, and let them acquire good habits which will follow them through their life.