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Pixie Shoes
Pixie Shoes

Neesa can't do anything right.

She can't seem to learn even the simplest of pixie tasks. Her pixie God-Mother is beside herself trying to help Neesa with her pixie training... because, seriously, NO Pixie has ever failed before.

Neesa’s ready to give up on all of it—even on the beautiful jeweled shoes each pixie get at graduation—when she meets Tara, a little girl with a big dream. Overhearing how the other children tease and bully Tara and her dream, Neesa knows she has to help. But how can she if she's not finished her training? What power does a klutzy pixie have?

Pixie Shoes is a fun, adventure filled chapter book for ages 6 to 11—and a perfect read-aloud story for anyone younger who dreams of fairies, Celtic pixies, horses, and glittering shoes.

Grab this chapter book for the gentle, sweet child in your life today!