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What Goes Around
What Goes Around

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned...

After twenty-five years of marriage, Alice’s cheating husband slapped her with a divorce, and wasted no time snagging a hot, young trophy wife. Alice, determined to put the past behind her, sets off to prove every cloud has a silver lining. She starts by celebrating her new life and large divorce settlement on a Caribbean vacation, with sun, fun, and promises of gorgeous men...

Yet when she finds a strange little doll in a local shop, she can’t resist indulging in a little local superstition. She stabs it with a pin... wishing she could hurt Bob the way he hurt her. But revenge is a two-way street and Alice is shocked to discover Bob vacationing with his bimbo fiancé at the same resort.

In this battle of wills, with the stakes so high for both of them, could Alice come out on top for once in her life?

What Goes Around is a story for anyone who has ever felt jilted by love and wanted revenge.

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