Embracing the Quiet: A Poem on Empty Nesting

Roses are red,

the house feels so bare,

violets are blue,

now there’s quiet in the air.


Our kids have flown,

like birds to the sky,

an empty nest is left,

where time likes to fly.


The fridge is less crowded,

our table set for two,

dinners are quieter,

just me and you.


Our worries have changed,

the shadows sleep,

silence now echoes,

and nostalgia creeps.


Love lingers here,

a canvas to paint,

colors aplenty,

free from restraint.


The nest may be bare,

yet a new chapter starts,

hand in hand we’ll plot,

to deepen our hearts.


Roses are red,

you’re my best friend,

violets are blue,

I deeply love you.

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